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The partnership AMIES & CLEMENTS was officially formed in 2014. Stephanie Jayne Amies and Teddy Clements met whilst studying at the University of Southampton and have been close friends ever since. They have worked together for six years on over 20 different projects and officially formed their partnership in 2014. The pair have quite an unusual writing duo as they do not follow the traditional music/lyrics/book split. Stephanie writes the music and lyrics, and Teddy then edits the songs, writing additional music, and doing arrangements and orchestrations. His input and advice is invaluable, taking Stephanie’s songs to the next level, bouncing ideas off each other, pushing Stephanie to explore different ideas and always knowing how to get her out of a writers block; together their creativity knows no bounds. They have a very strong working relationship, fuelled by a close friendship and a unrelenting passion for new musical theatre. They hope it will be a partnership that lasts for many years.

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